• The Articulate (map)
  • 324 Jefferson Street
  • Fort Collins, CO, 80524
  • United States

In this 2 part class, morning attendees will learn Camera + Photography basics from the owner of PHOCO, Patrick Edmiston, from 9am-12pm. After an hour break for lunch, the afternoon group will go over Studio + Lighting basics with NoCo Photo owner, John Iverson, from 1pm-4pm. 

Full day- $80 // Morning or Afternoon only- $50

Part 1: Basics of Cameras + Photography with Patrick Edmiston.

Part 2: Basics of Studio Lighting is an introductory course that will allow you the opportunity to explore a range of technical aspects of creating and distributing light properly in the studio.  It covers a wide range of lighting tools including, grids, soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes and more as well as the application of those tools for various lighting techniques learned on set by studio manager John Iverson from various photographers such as Annie Leibowitz, David LaChappele, Kermit Hayes and more.  The course will cover main, fill, rim, and hair lights and their functions as well as some tips and tricks to navigating the new 5,000 square foot studio located in the heart of Old Town.  

Please contact Tierney@thearticulateco.com for more info!